There are a few different options for the shopping trip. I shop with you. I shop for you. I shop online and then send you the links.…read on to learn more.

I shop with you:

  • I pre-shop, scoping out what’s available and only take you to the stores that fit your body, budget, taste and lifestyle.

  • When you arrive, we hit the ground running, well shopping…

  • You try everything on (and even add some pieces that may have caught your eye on the way in)

  • I give you an honest, impartial opinion on what looks good and what doesn’t and what will work with what you already have (remember…from Step 1)

You only buy what you love.


I shop for you : 

  • I spend roughly 4 hours scouring the internet and in-person stores to find the right pieces for you.

  • I charge the items to your credit card (so you get the points, miles, notes you deserve)

  • I bring the dressing room directly to you!

  • You try everything on (while I give you the honest, unbiased thumbs up or down) and only keep what looks great.

  • Then I return/exchange the rest for you. You don’t have to spend a second in a store, fill out a single return slip or make a UPS drop off – it’s all taken care of!


I shop online for you : 

  • I spend time on-line, tracking down the perfect pieces for you and send you a customized list with clickable links.

  • All you have to do is click and shop!

  • I’ll even come over for a try on session once all of your pieces have been delivered.

  • NOTE: Full disclosure, this might sound like the most efficient option but, at least in the beginning, it is not. There is nothing that can replace seeing different pieces on you, things you might not pick out, to aid in discovering what’s right for you.

Email me at work@alisciamarie.com

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